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Ducks, Chickens, Rhea, Bantams, Geese, Guinea fowl, Swans,

Emu, Turkeys, Pheasants, Peafowl, Pigeons, Stalks, Cranes & Rails

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Over 120 species of Ornamental Waterfowl & Poultry in Suffolk.

 Many domestic breeds available to show standard.  


  Domestic Ducks in Suffolk & Norfolk

15 colours of Indian Runners, 9 colours of Crested, 15 colours of Call Duck, Appleyards, Khakis, Orpingtons, Bali, Mini Runners, Mini Crested, Black East Indian

20 Breeds of Largefowl -

Maran, Rhode, Sussex, Wellsummer, Orpington, Brahma, Leghorn, Legbar, Araucana, French Maran & others (most breeds available in most colours)

Hybrids - Comets, Black Rock, Speckeldy, Bluebell, Amber Link

15 Breeds of Bantam - Pekin (all colours), Silkies, Sussex, Rhode, Wyandotte, Seabright, Sussex & others

20 Breeds of Domestic Geese - Including American Buff, Toulouse, Chinese, Steinbacher

Swans - Black, Whooper, Black Neck, Trumpeter, Whistling, Coscoroba & others

Ornamental Ducks - 80 breeds in all, including; Mandarin, Carolina, Pochard, Teal, Shoveler, Whistling Tree Duck, Sea Duck, Wigeon

Ornamental Geese - Red Breasted, Ross, Canada (various), Emperor, Pink Feet, Andean, Cereopsis, White-fronted,

Rheas - Grey & White

Emu in Suffolk & Norfolf

Pheasants - Gold, Silver, Reeves, Swinhoe, Amherst & others

Peafowl - Indian Blue & Black Shoulder

Guinea fowl - Many colours including Chocolate

Pigeons - Lark, Nuremburg Lark, Ice, Garden Fantail & others

Demoiselle Cranes

White Stalks


For more information on the breeds we keep please see the 'waterfowl kept' page

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